Update: Yo! Venice! reports that Wolfpack won with a speed of about 24.8 miles per hour and a time of one hour, 34 minutes. (We assume this includes boarding and taxiing for JetBlue).

Twitter users who followed the race also claim that a rollerblader who apparently left with the bicyclists also beat the JetBlue plane — on skates (photo after the jump).

Metro light rail to Long Beach apparently claimed second place (with JetBlue coming in third).

[Added]: KTLA News followed the race on the ground. The station says it all started at a couple's front door — with a car trip to the Burbank airport — and ended up at a designated meeting place on the Long Beach Coast (with the couple getting there by cab). The station claims its news van actually got there first. The couple's plane-and-car trip apparently took nearly three hours. Video after jump.

First posted at 8:08 a.m. on Friday.

So you reached deep down into your wallet and came up with the $4 for that JetBlue Carmageddon flight deal from Burbank to Long Beach that will give you an airborne alternative to trying to get around a closed 405 freeway this weekend.

But is that really the fastest way to go?

Seeking to prove a point, the assemblage of speed demons on bicycles known as Wolfpack Hustle has laid down a challenge:

The crew thinks it can beat a JetBlue flight from Burbank to Long Beach Airport … via peddle-power and surface streets.


Faster than a plane?; Credit: Twitpic

Faster than a plane?; Credit: Twitpic

That, at least, is according to its tweets:

… wolfpack A is assembled & ready to race @jetblue passenger Sat Bur to LBC Somebody help get this happening!!

The group has asked fans to send it prizes if it wins.



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