Carlos Vargas Matiz: The Colombian Filmmaker’s Leap of Faith

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Editor, photographer, and cinematographer Carlos Vargas Matiz started his inspirational journey of becoming an award-winning artist in Bogota, Colombia, capturing candid moments for magazines. He then took his talent to win the Silver Telly Award. Now, he’s in demand for major global brands, having earned respect for his unwavering discipline, steadfast belief in his vision, and exceptional artistry in his field.

How did Carlos reach such heights? Well, it had everything to do with faith. He overcame a series of challenges that instilled an undying passion for the universal language of imagery within him. Before he knew it, he had earned the Silver Telly Award, while his work was also featured as an official selection at various film festivals. Not to mention, the photographs he took early on in his career graced the pages of notable magazines.

Carlos refined his talent through higher education. He holds a Master of Arts in Filmmaking and is an esteemed alumni of Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. Throughout his career, Carlos has effectively left his creative influence on a plethora of projects, including short films, commercials, documentaries, and photography projects. Yet, the full potential of this rising artist continues to increase.

As a cinematographer and photographer, Carlos has a passion for storytelling that enables him to craft compelling narratives that elicit meaningful emotional reactions from his audience. A mastery of cameras and lighting puts his messages in a perspective that simply can’t be ignored. It’s easy to gain something by enjoying the work of a carefully curated film project, and Carlos’s work has benefited his clients and connoisseurs alike.

He’s been the driving force behind notable projects, including PW Belize; Adventure at Your Doorstep as the cameraman and editor of the commercial. This is what won him the Silver Telly Award and why he’s the proud holder of a trophy and certificate acknowledging the high-quality caliber of his work. Carlos is exceptionally proud of his work and proud to have his creative contributions shared with a purpose, promoting this family-friendly hideaway. Short reels of Carlos’s work were also featured on his Instagram account.

The filmmaker and visual artist has earned the attention and business of a great number of noteworthy clients, including Semana Magazine, Avianca Airlines, Findeter, Juan Valdez Coffee, Burger King, Margaritaville, Karisma, Virgin Voyage, Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts, and more. But he wasn’t always the cream of the crop and the top of the heap—his inspirational journey really gained steam when he was awarded a scholarship by the New York Film Academy South Beach due to his outstanding showreel. That’s when Carlos relocated to Miami, Florida, in pursuit of his dream.

And Carlos isn’t done yet. Until his cinematic aspirations have come to fruition, he refuses to rest. He’s already helped make compelling movies and become an accomplished photographer, but these achievements aren’t enough to satiate his ambition. He’s looking forward to one day making big-budget movies.

There’s little doubt that Carlos Vargas Matiz won’t achieve his goals—he’s been driven by faith throughout his entire journey, from taking candid pictures for a Colombian magazine and every leap his career has taken since. Harnessing that faith, he’s about to amplify his creative output with his next projects, and we’re all watching to see the magnificent results!

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