If you spend any time around teenagers, you may be familiar with Uber, the car service that you can order from your smartphone. With only a tap of your phone, you — or your teenager — can order a swank car and private driver, at a cost that's not as bad as you'd think, with the whole transaction accomplished via credit card and cell phone. This Friday, your kid can not only order a ride home — she can order an ice cream truck. Awesome.

This Friday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Uber will provide ice cream trucks in 33 cities around the world. So if you're reading this in Singapore right now, make sure you download the app and you can get some ice cream driven right to your location, like at the Pizzeria Mozza on Bayfront Avenue. Lucky you. If you use the Uber app here in Los Angeles, you can get Carvel ice cream sandwiches delivered, six of them for $36. You can also get a free ride, or at least a free ride that covers up to $20, if you've never used Uber before and you sign up for it using the promo code ICECREAM. Interested parties can sign up at uber.com/go.

Uber — if you put an umlaut on the word it means “above” or “super” in German — is a private car service that began as a start-up in 2009 in San Francisco and has expanded to many cities throughout the U.S. and beyond, including New York, Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Amsterdam and Munich. Users can call for luxury cars using the app or via text message, and the entire transaction is done via credit card, including tip, so no money is exchanged. It's become very popular with teenagers, particularly many private school teenage girls we know, who swear that they never use it to sneak out at night to go to parties. Hey, better a safe car than one driven by another drunk teenager. And if they're summoning ice cream trucks, that's even more awesome.

This is the second year that Uber has offered its one-day ice cream promotion. Last year, Uber's ice cream trucks ran in seven cities in the U.S. and Canada, and proved so popular that they ran out of ice cream.

Disclaimer: The author in no way endorses Uber or its use by any teenage girls, including her daughter, with or without ice cream.

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