This is a ridiculous thing, to be sure; a game birthed in the crevices of 2 a.m. emails and WAY TOO MANY mp3s and SoundCloud links. And it's as simple as it is stupid as it is infinitythings.

On the following page you'll find a picture of eight separate sets of eyes. Underneath the picture you'll find the names of eight separate rappers. You just connect the pieces. If you miss more than two than you suck at everything. If you get them all right, then I guess print it out and then mail it to yourself with a great big sad face drawn underneath because that's a good example of how you can be a winner and a loser at the same time. Such is life.

The game:

Answers after the jump.

1. Lil Wayne (obvs)

2. Tyler, the Creator

3. 50 Cent

4. Puff Daddy

5. Notorious B.I.G.

6. Kanye West

7. Game

8. Devin the Dude

Download the activity here.

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