Can You Give CBD To Your Pets?

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A lot of pet owners are giving CBD to their pets to provide them the large number of health benefits this compound offers. However, many other people are still concerned about the safety of CBD for pets, as there is no scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness in pets. But some studies conducted by different independent labs across the world suggest that this compound can be beneficial for animals too, similar to the benefits it provides for humans. Giving CBD to animals is considered to be safe by many.

But people still have a lot of doubts regarding the use of CBD for pets. Hence, we provide answers to some commonly asked questions on this topic. This will help you to know whether this hemp-derived compound can be useful for your pets too.

Can CBD Cause Mind-Altering Effects In My Pet?

CBD does not have the ability to create any intoxicating effects, as this compound is not psychoactive. However, as this compound is derived from the hemp plant, which is a variety of cannabis plants, many people believe that this compound also creates intoxicating effects. But, the “high” feeling associated with cannabis is created by THC, which is a psychoactive compound present in this plant.

Hemp is the safer version of cannabis that is grown for industrial purposes. The concentration of THC is very low in this plant, which is almost 0.3%. Hence, CBD derived from hemp will not result in any intoxicating effects. But when selecting a CBD product for your pet, you have to check the concentration of THC in it. If it has a high concentration of this psychoactive compound, the product may result in mind-altering effects in your pets.

Can CBD Provide Any Health Benefit To My Pet?

Yes. CBD is found to provide different health benefits for pets too. They can be used for treating a wide range of diseases in dogs and cats. It is effective in controlling pain and seizures. Other benefits provided by CBD for pets include cardiac benefits, appetite stimulation, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea effects, and anti-anxiety impact. It is suggested that CBD might be also useful for treating cancer in pets, however, there is no authentic evidence to support this use.

Can CBD Create Any Side Effects For Pets?

There is no evidence to find out if CBD can create any side effects in pets. However, based on the side effects caused by this compound in humans, it can be concluded that CBD can result in some side effects in pets too. The possible side effects include dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, drowsiness, and light-headedness.

Can Veterinarians Prescribe CBD Products For Your Pets?

Veterinarians are prohibited from prescribing CBD products for pets. Law does not allow them to discuss, recommend or prescribe any CBD products for treating different pet diseases. They might have to face disciplinary action if they violate this law. However, some states are now making changes to this law and they allow the vets to discuss the potential benefits and risks of CBD with the pet owners. But the permission for prescribing CBD as a medicine is still not given to vets.

Are There Any Risks Involved In Giving CBD For My Pet?

Most of the CBD products are not approved by the FDA, and the effect this compound produces on pets is still not confirmed. Also, there is no precise information about the dosage and the product you should give for them. It is also not possible to know whether this compound produces any adverse reaction in your pets, as the effect of this compound will be different for different pets. Hence, it is better to avoid giving high doses of CBD to pets. Use low dosage and gradually increase the dosage in small amounts till you find results.

Can I Give My CBD Oil For My Pet?

You can give the CBD products you use for your pets. However, it is better to give them products that are specifically designed for animals, as they will have more effectiveness in pets. These products will help them to heal faster and will also provide other desired benefits for them.

How Can I Find The Right CBD Dosage For My Pet?

There are no specific guidelines to find out the right dosage of CBD for your pet. Hence, you have to find it yourself. Start by giving them small doses and increase the dosage eventually. Note the results associated with each dosage and find out when it starts to give the desired effects. This will help you to find the right dosage for your pet.

How Can I Choose A CBD Product For My Pet?

When choosing a CBD product for your pet, you have to make sure that it has good quality. Look for an organic product and check to see if there are any harmful ingredients in the product. Also, ensure that the product has a third-party lab certificate to confirm that it is safe for your pets. Learn more about why you should give CBD to your pets here.

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