How did Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, primary physician to Anna Nicole Smith, get acquitted of all charges by a Los Angeles jury and the other two — Smith's friend Howard K. Stern and psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich — get really light convictions?

The three were accused by District Attorney Steve Cooley's prosecutors of some heavy-hitting stuff that led up to the actress-model's drug OD.

Now Eroshevich's license will be reviewed (probably yanked) and she and Stern might even be off to the stir for a short stint. Did Cooley screw this up?

If you followed the trial, the charges came across as weak.

In a town where people often help the famous fake their names for privacy and other reasons, the prosecution never proved the three were recklessly supplying the screwed-up buxom blond with drugs.

Stern got convicted of fraud because his name was on some of her prescription bottles, not Anna Nicole's.

Not exactly Major Crime Unit stuff.

According to media reports, Cooley assigned four prosecutors to the case and spent $40,000 flying two nannies and their entourage from the Bahamas.

All that, for some really nothing testimony.

Cooley didn't get much bad press today for over-prosecuting. TV news and newspaper reporters are being extra fair because he's running for California Attorney General and the election is Tuesday, November 2.

Only blogs who are dying to get Kamala Harris elected as AG, like Talk Left, are giving him a prickly time.

But it doesn't look like Cooley should call this a victory.

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