Started by Vikter Duplaix and Garth Trinidad sometime around late 2006, when it was promoted last-minute and solely by word-of-mouth, Kiss-n-Grind must be in summer school, cause lately they're so thematically well-structured. Tonight's studies Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, aka The Neptunes. Having hooked up mainstream hood anthems from East to West, given Britney the song that turned her from pop tart to sex kitten, all while still repping for the hometown antiheroes, The Neptunes is one of the best production teams of the past decade.

The dance party is sometimes migratory, dropping in on art galleries and old churches on Skid Row. It's also one of the friendliest, most laid-back weekend nights in L.A. Private space? They'll party till two, or “maybe a little later.” Charge you only a five-dollar cover. And when was the last time straight-girl strangers pulled you onto the dance floor? Right.

It seems to have landed at the Medusa Lounge (and tonight, it's a collabo with AFEX) for now, so while the late-nights and “I Got it for Cheap” covers are on hiatus, they're keeping it down-to-earth, meaning no list and no door drama. That means Neptunes fan or no (but come on, who isn't?), you should go. Early.

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Medusa Lounge

3211 Beverly Blvd.

L.A., CA 90057

Friday, August 13th


$10 before midnight, $15 after

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