Another case for Golden State sovereignty:

Facebook 'Likes' may have determined the races in most U.S. states, but Californians should be proud to know that Zuckerberg's popularity meter made no indication of our preference for governor or ganja this November.

Gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman had twice the 'Likes' as winner Jerry Brown, while 'Yes' on Prop. 19 had 25,000 more 'Likes' than the 'No' camp's weak 2,000. Both make sense, if you think about it: Who uses Facebook to publicize their love for a washed-up 72-year-old with solid fiscal policies or their square-ass stance on the psychedelic revolution?

Now, along with the awkwardness of converting campaign offices back to warehouses and throwing all paraphernalia into a mass grave in the projects, Whitman can sit up into the night, browsing through all the smiling faces of constituents who supposedly 'Liked' her, wondering what went wrong.

Credit: Women Against Meg Whitman

Credit: Women Against Meg Whitman

She might find her answer in all the other groups about her:

Meg Whitman, I am already sick of you. (And it is not even November yet)

Meg Whitman Against Undocumented Youth

Women Against Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman is Evil

Meg Whitman Needs Bangs

And our personal favorite:

Can this dog Seymour get more votes for Governor than Meg Whitman?

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