Confused about the propositions on Tuesday's ballot? Below are links to helpful information:

Proposition 19: What Legal Marijuana Would Mean for California (full report)

Proposition 19: Why It's Tanking In Polls

Proposition 19: Obama Admin Fights 19

Proposition 20 Frequently Asked Questions:

This measure, leading in polls, expands voter reforms of 2008, banning gerrymandering of U.S. Congressional districts by incumbents.

Proposition 20: Why All Newspapers But One Back It

Proposition 20: 'Equality California' Falsely Tries to Scare Gays Into Thinking The Measure Hurts Them

Proposition 20: Wealthy Physicist Gives $7 Million To End Gerrymandering

Proposition 23: Big Oil Versus Big Green (full report)

Proposition 23: Wipeout In The Polls

Proposition 23: Wow, Big Green Is Rich; Spends Far More $ Than Big Oil

Proposition 25: Weird Half-Reform Of Sacramento's Bad Budgeting

Proposition 27 Frequently Asked Questions:

This measure, trailing in polls, upends voter reforms from 2008 and allows gerrymandering of legislative and U.S. Congressional districts by incumbents.

Proposition 27's Sneaky Berman Brothers: Howard Has A Grip In Congress, Michael In Back Rooms (full report)

Proposition 27: Gerrymandering Tricksters Once Excised Obama's House From His District.

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