Here they are — the eight delightfully commonplace members of the new California Citizens Redistricting Commission, tasked with what used to be the dirty-incumbent job of drawing up election boundaries.

Maybe you knew it better as gerrymandering? Well, it's good 'n' pure truthmandering now, so get used to it. And the truth-bringers are all normal as pie, aside from their totally glamorous new job, in which they're not actually allowed to talk to any current/hopeful state legislators, congressmen or members of the Board of Equalization (those last goobs would be pretty hard to track down anyway, wethinks), lest their will be swayed by some sweet-talkin' politicos.

And there's two from L.A.! Shucks. Is this what patriotism feels like? Complete list of the lucky bingo balls after the jump…

The Democrats:

Jeanne Raya, Los Angeles County

Elaine Kuo, Santa Clara County

Cynthia Dai, San Francisco County

The Republicans:

Jodie Filkins Webber, Riverside County

Peter Yao, Los Angeles County

Vincent Barabba, Santa Cruz County

The Indie Kids:

Stanley Forbes, Yolo County

Connie Galambos Malloy, Alameda County

Our eight new BFFs will choose six more of their kind by Dec. 31 from the pool of 28 finalists still hanging onto their roses. Believe it or not, there used to be an entire foot army of 31,000. Indulge in candidate nitty-gritties (like their incomes!) here.

The winners should be out in the wheat fields with their sunhats on pretty soon in preparation for 2012, drawing those truthy lines by hand in our rich American soil. Sigh. So much more romantic than the laptop huddle party that's probably gonna go down.

Enjoy their relative obscurity while you can: Cutely, the commissioners aren't even Google-able yet. And believe us, we've tried.

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