Counterintuitive news of the day: The California Cannabis Association is opposing the Proposition 19 pot legalization initiative on the November ballot.

It's not as crazy as you think. This trade group of sorts represents medicinal marijuana dispensaries, and they fear Prop. 19 will make life harder for dispensaries and patients, says Kassy Perry, the group's spokeswoman.

The wording of Prop. 19 places all the regulating and taxing authority in the hands of local governments — cities and counties. (This is a often cited as an objection to Prop. 19 — it would create a chaotic regulatory environment of more than 500 sets of rules.)

The medical dispensaries fear this would lead to cities and counties across the state banning pot shops, to include medical dispensaries, which would make life harder for the most vulnerable patients who can't travel to get their pot.

Of course, cities and counties are already regulating dispensaries, and in some cases, as in Beverly Hills, banning them. (Or in the case of L.A., trying and often failing to regulate pot shops.)

Perry said the cannabis association is in litigation statewide to try to ensure access. Prop. 19 would just complicate matters.

The Yes on Prop. 19 campaign told Huffington Post that the initiative would remove all doubt about medical pot being legal: “Proposition 19 is actually going to further clarify that sales of medical cannabis are legal in this state,” said Dale Sky Jones, a spokeswoman for the Yes on 19 campaign. “The intent of our law is to protect medical cannabis patients and their rights.”

Earlier, the Yes on 19 campaign scored a big win with an endorsement from the SEIU.

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