A Cal State Northridge professor's controversial Thai sex tourism site appeared to be back up recently after he was shamed into taking it down.

Economics professor Kenneth Ng last week defended the site as being about “what it really means to be a woman” in the Southeast Asian country.

He unleashed his pro-female spin in a Los Angeles Daily News opinion piece (via Huffington Post). Are we buying it? Nooooo. Here's why:

Ng's BigBabyKenny.com absolutely served as a guide to sex tourism in Thailand. He's just red-faced because he was outed as its publisher.

One post on the site stated, “Valid driver's license, new car, a full tank of gas, and a police and fine free highway in front of you. Let the pussy hunt begin!”

Another, on Thai trannies: “Sometimes you want to get it on with a girl. Sometimes a man seems like a good idea. Sometimes both have their own unique appeal.”

This is about female empowerment?

Ng writes:

Although not intended to be an educational site, regular BigBabyKenny.com readers received the most accurate and comprehensive real life look at the nitty-gritty details of Thai women's lives available anywhere on the Internet, or in mainline books, newspapers, and magazines—and learned more about women's issues in Asia than they get in a semester long women's studies course at most universities.

Wow. Ng really wants to piss off the the Asian American and women's studies folks at Cal State Northridge who worked to get the site shut down in the first place.

Mission accomplished, we're sure.

LA Weekly