Thinking blue just isn't enough for the Dodgers anymore, now they want you to drink blue too (blue agave, that is). The Dodgers have recently announced a partnership with El Zarco Tequila, which predictably coincides with El Zarco's debut in Los Angeles. The tequila comes in both gold and silver, and boasts “innovative” features like double distillation and hand-painted bottles. In light of recent tragic events, we're not sure that more alcohol is what Dodger Stadium needs, but considering the financial situation of the team (and its owner) it makes a lot of sense.

According to the press release, the deal gives El Zarco signage in the stadium, use of marks, and VIP treatment for El Zarco's best customers. The Dodgers aren't exactly known for their culinary taste (the discontinued Dining with 'Dre notwithstanding) or for being picky about their partnerships, so this union may not quite qualify as a ringing endorsement.

Their relationship is, of course, not without precedent, and the Dodgers are actually only the second local baseball team to join forces with a tequila company. The Angels just announced an extension of their current deal with Familia Camarena Tequila, another new-ish entry into the local alcohol market that also happens to sponsor the hated Giants. In fact, El Zarco themselves are not even a one-stadium brand, they also sponsor the New York Red Bulls of the MLS. Who says caffeine and alcohol don't mix?

LA Weekly