The Buzzcocks, at 86 years old, blast 20-year-old bands off the stage, and shame them… and they do so as if it came most naturally to them. They simply rock harder, more full-frontally, than almost any band I've ever seen. They began their set at Stubb's BBQ (closing the Spin party) with a bang… “Boredom” and a mix of newer songs (the highly romantic “Reconciliation,” which got me feeling very sentimental about punk rock and true love!) and classics… but the energy did flag a bit in the middle (long set–about an hour)–and they saved their best for last –“What Do I Get?” “Orgasm Addict,” “Harmony In My Head,” “Ever Fallen In Love?” And nuts! they never played “Why Can't I Touch It?” which is my current favorite. (Ever noticed how the Buzzcocks have more song titles in the form of questions than anyone else?)

Why do bands save their best for last like that?

Anyway, they looked like they were attempting to look natty and cool, as well, which I appreciate. White jeans are always a plus!

It's official: The Buzzcocks are the most soft-hearted romanticists in punk rock! Oh, and they also like physical pleasure—you can just tell they don't have any tightass fear of sex/love/romance… Which isn't classically punk-rock but is, also, always a plus!

I checked out Canadian power-poppers Sloan last night, and was impressed–their harmonies are so precise and strong, I almost thought they were using backing tracks for a moment. More soon, dudes!

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