Wired got someone from Clear Channel on the line to confirm that their annoying electronic billboard was not hacked.

Clear Channel's Tony Alwin is unhappy about the hacking rumors. “The advertisement was bought under the assumption that it was art that was in an art show,” he says. “Any claims about hacking into our systems is false. It's a lie, even.”

I don't particularly care one way or the other. It looked cool, and for a while the seething low-level hatred people have of companies like Clear Channel came to the surface as tons of people cheered Skull Phone for the “hack.”

And as I said before: the idea's out there now. Someone will try it, and someone will eventually succeed at it.

And hey – there's plenty of non-elctro billboards out there ready to be liberated. I”m pretty sure this one I snapped last July was unsanctioned by CBS and Toyota.

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And while Murakami may have dug the Revok/Auger work on his LACMA billboard

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We're pretty sure that Paramount and Miramax were none too thrilled with Augor's work above.

Above photo by Shelley Leopold. Toyota photo by Mark Mauer

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