Former “Bush's brain” Karl Rove is headed to Beverly Hills to discuss his controversial book, Courage and Consequence, a tome that critics and liberals have painted as an attempt to rewrite the history of George W. Bush's tenure as president.

Rove is scheduled to speak at the Saban Theater March 29 as part of a series of influential-speakers events organized by American Voices. Critics have pointed out that the book by Bush's senior advisor and deputy chief of staff spins a different view of Bush's actions on Iraq, the environment and Hurricane Katrina, inspiring NBC's Matt Lauer to tell him “some are saying this is 500 pages of you rewriting history.”

Among the book's reported claims: Bush was slow, deliberate and open-minded about his invasion of Iraq; he did not support using torture against accused terrorists; he was an environmentalist; and he never argued that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11.

LA Weekly