After 15 years of peppering his hip-hop with some of the most intricate wordplay in rap, Busdriver has achieved the ultimate status — realizing that he has Perfect Hair, on his 10th album. The artist formerly known as Regan Farquhar is looking backward with the first track, “Retirement Ode,” but it turns out the local rapper isn’t close to settling down. Even as he recites a fanciful list of the album’s expenses (“The studio time at our home studios cost half a million Brazilian reals per lockout session”), Busdriver boasts, “I’m a frequent flyer and a decent liar,” before admitting, “I’m not a cool dad nor a new fad.” With the help of Pegasus Warning, he attempts to “Colonize the Moon” and moves into full freak mode with Open Mike Eagle on “When the Tooth-Lined Horizon Blinks.”

Sat., Nov. 15, 5 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 11/15/14)

LA Weekly