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Oh man, I'm totally coming on to it, are you? Okay, good, it's good to be in the same place at the same time. Wow, check out those light sculpture thingys. They look like raindrops. That is soooo cool.

Omigod, that spinning propane wheel is crazy, is that not crazy? This is totally making me wish I was on the playa, doesn't it feel like the playa? But it's even better because we don't have to drive for 12 hours and pay three hundred dollars! Where is my water bottle? Are you drinking water? Okay good. Let's go check out that blacklight thing.

Oh, it's sooo cool that there are so many people with light up hoops, don't you wish you knew how to do that? How do they do that, it's so awesome! I just can't believe how beautiful everyone is. People totally turned up in playawear. I need to sit down for a few minutes. No, wait, I need to dance. Let's go find someplace to dance. No wait, now I totally need to find some place to sit down.

That is sooooo beautiful.; Credit: Curious Josh

That is sooooo beautiful.; Credit: Curious Josh

Remember that last place we went by where there were all those people giving massages? Man, I totally wish I brought my skates so I could roller skate. Anyway, let's go back there, it's a super nice chill space. Where is my water bottle? This is sooooo beautiful, and it's soooo cool that it's right here in L.A.! We don't have to drive for 12 hours and pay three hundred dollars! Oh, I just said that a minute ago, didn't I. I'm totally sorry. I'm babbling. Am I babbling? It's okay, if I'm babbling too much just tell me, it's totally fine, it's way better for you to tell me. Do you want a hand massage?

Are those guys giving away coconuts? I want a coconut. How can we get a coconut? Wow, look at her boots, I love those boots so much. Hey, I totally love your boots! You are so completely beautiful! Isn't it great to be here? It's so cool how many art cars made it here. It's a really good vibe, it's really mellow, it's really low commitment, it's totally not like going to the burn, but then again it kind of is, like if you could be magically teleported to the burn for about four hours and then go home and shower and sleep in your own bed. I know, getting all dusty is part of the experience but it's Decom, right? Can I have a sip of your water? Thank you! You are sooooo cool! I am sooooo glad we're friends! This is awesome to be here with you. I am having the best time! Seriously! Oh wow, look, they're spinning fire over there!

This is sooooo cool.; Credit: Curious Josh

This is sooooo cool.; Credit: Curious Josh

No, I totally don't want to walk all that way. It feels really good just to sit here and chill, it's so cozy. What was I saying? Oh yeah, anyway, I am soooo glad we're friends! Ohmigod, look at that rainbow truck over there, that is so great! Isn't it great that people bring all this stuff out here, just to share with everyone? I just feel totally connected to everyone and everything, like we're all here with the same ideas and the same state of mind. There is so much to agree on, do you know what I mean? Does that make any sense? We're just in total harmony here. It's like there's no barriers, everyone just agrees on what reality should look like, and then we create that reality! I know you get what I mean, you always know exactly what I'm saying. You know what? We should make out.

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