What goes well with a Crave Case? (That'd be 30 of White Castle's square-patty, steam-grilled sliders.) How about a beer? The fast-food chain, which is prevalent on the East Coast but has no locations here, is testing beer and wine sales, a notion that might persuade Harold and & Kumar to never leave White Castle.

Ground zero for the experiment is Lafayette, Indiana, where White Castle is testing a new concept called Blaze Modern BBQ. Along with your ribs, you can get a glass of wine for $4.50 and beer starting at $3.

According to the Associated Press:

“White Castle's beer and wine tryout is part of a broader experiment with three new concepts that the company has been studying for a little over a year… Besides Blaze Modern BBQ, there's also an Asian food brand, Laughing Noodle, at a White Castle in Springfield, Ohio, and a triple-decker sandwich concept, Deckers, in Lebanon, Tenn.

White Castle's version of Asian food: That we've gotta taste.

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