It's a burger throwdown for restaurant and diners, with the return of The Oinkster's Burger Week from Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9. While the slow fast food joint faces off with popular flavor profiles, customers will have the seven-day “Burger Challenge” to contend with.

Around the same time last year, The Oinkster featured a week's worth of burgers inspired by fast food chains like In-N-Out, Carl's Junior, and White Castle. This year the burgers have grown in scope, taking on the classics from diner (Bob's Big Boy) to cuisine (Filipino lumpia). The result is a lineup themed to near WWE proportions — with challengers such as the Oink-O-Nator and Weed Eater.

To participate in the challenge, you have to collect a wristband for each of the qualifying burgers you take down. The key is to wear all of the wristbands (and keep them intact) throughout the week until you reach the seventh and final burger, at which point the wristbands will be cut off for you. There are other rules to the challenge, including no substitutions, no phone or online orders accepted during the week, and no saving tables.

Those who succeed will be knighted “Burgerlord” and given a commemorative t-shirt designed by artist Benjamin Escobar, who also designed the poster illustration. Those who don't complete the challenge can console themselves with commemorative pins; each burger comes with one special pin. According to The Oinkster's Facebook page, 180 people completed the challenge last year.

Here's the schedule of what's coming up:

Monday: Oink-O-Nator

A two-patty buger with American cheese, six strips of bacon, ketchup, and mayo on Kaiser bun.

Tuesday: Nino Grande

A triple bun/two patty combo with American cheese, “Big Boy” relish, mayo, and shredded lettuce.

Wednesday: Burgerlord of the Rings

A 5-ounce patty topped with housemade onion rings, Sriracha cream cheese, teriyaki sauce, and a pineapple ring — all in a bagel bun.

Thursday: Grill 'Em All's Weedeater

A burger with an 8-ounce patty with jalepeño bacon, cheddar, Funyuns, garlic aioli, and seared pulled park in Mosh Pit barbecue sauce.

Friday: Thrilla from Manila

This lumpia burger is made with a 5-ounce pork patty with shrimp and mushrooms in a lumpia wrapper, then topped with pork belly, green papaya relish, sweet Thai suce in a pan de sal roll.

Saturday: Doritos Bell Beefer

A 5-ounce patty flavored with taco seasoning and crusted with Doritos, then topped with shredded cheddar, lettuce, pico de gallo, ranch dressing, and Tapatio.

Sunday: McRibster

Baby back ribs in barbecue sauce topped with pickles and onions in a French roll.

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