Two Burbank police officers were shot and wounded with one of the cop's own guns as they struggled with a shoplifting suspect at a Kmart, according to reports.

The shooting was reported around the noon hour Thursday near San Fernando Boulevard and Delaware Road, police said. One of the officers was shot in the hand and the other was wounded in the leg.

A witness told KCAL9 that the officers appeared to have a suspect cuffed outside the store when somehow he got a hold of one of the cops guns and opened fire.

“I heard `He's got a gun, he's got a gun,''' Joseph Hoage told the station. “So I dove behind my car and heard several shots, so I looked, and so the officer (who) got shot in the hand, he went to the right to take care of himself, you know, just stunned, and the other cop emptied out a stun gun, hit the guy about six times. And it was unbelievable 'cuz the guy was cuffed, I mean, I couldn't see how he would get the gun, but evidently he got the officer's gun and just unloaded on him.''

The officers were hospitalized in unknown condition, but it didn't initially appear that the wounds would be life-threatening.

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