New luxury cannabis retailer Burb is on a mission to meet the demands of a diverse and passionate consumer-base which are coming out of the shadows to celebrate their love of the plant. Faced with finding ways to combat the longtime stigma of cannabis, Burb is leading with high-design apparel and accessory elements that allow consumers to be part of the culture whether they light up or not.

Founders John Kaye, Clayton Chessa and Steve Dowsley are longtime friends who grew up in the ‘burbs’ outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, the home of BC Bud culture, which has historically served as the catalyst for cultivation and activism. Collectively, they have led successful professional careers in their own lanes and are also avid smokers who want to look good doing it. With nothing on the market connecting with them on stylistic or cultural level, they decided to bring their personal journey with the plant full circle, opening up the chicest retail cannabis concept in their hometown. Slated to expand to more licensed locations throughout Canada, Burb’s retail offerings are also available on an international scale through their e-commerce platform.

Before Burb, the founders took their own professional paths which led them back to an industry and culture which they have always identified. John Kaye went on the road touring with a rock band, leapt into the fashion industry by starting a L.A.-based denim company and eventually moved back to Canada where he entered the financial world as an investment banker. During this time he partnered with Burb co-founder Clayton Chessa to develop one of Canada’s first legal cannabis testing facilities Northern Vine Labs which was later acquired by a larger corporation. During this operation John and Clayton learned the ins and outs of the industry and realized that nothing on the market spoke to them as cannabis enthusiasts and professional creatives with deep ties to BC Bud culture that has lived in the dark for so long.

“The idea for Burb was driven by our passion for West Coast cannabis culture. This, combined with the absence of a high quality cannabis lifestyle apparel brand, made us want to create something that would transcend cannabis culture and give lovers of the plant and enthusiasts a tasteful and authentic brand. As west coast natives, we see a strong affinity between BC Bud and California cannabis culture and are looking to reach light leaders who have an interest in elevating and creating the next wave of this historic movement to end prohibition,” they told us. 

With a duality of decor and functional, accessories like antique brass grinders, vintage printed rolling trays, hand-blown glass and contemporary ceramic pipes are just some of the items you can proudly prop on your shelf. Featured street wear staples are made in Canada, featuring cannabis friendly elements like a hidden smell proof roach pouch in the kangaroo pockets of their Poco hooded sweatshirts and the most popular waist bag, sku, has a stitched rose gold strap, built-in storage pockets for canna-accessories and enough space to be golden at any festival. These items welcome consumers to be part of a community that the brand is creating around it.

Aspiring to bring a thoughtfulness to the market, Burb’s mantra of Light Culture is meant to  illuminate the industry and the people in it. With Seth Rogan returning to his Canadian roots to launch Houseplant, integrating an ’80s retro look to Cypress Hill’s recent headlining performance at Vancouver’s 4/20 festival, BC has become a hotbed of professional cannabis creatives bridging the gap between the Canada and U.S. markets by embodying a culture that can be experienced globally.

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