We had our doubts about this multi-billion, high-speed-rail utopia that would plow through homes, farmland and towns.

Now you do too. Don't get us wrong. Prove we need it and we're there. But with the cost of a ticket doubling to an estimated to be $105 one-way, what's the point? We'd rather fly.

Now the cost of building the project has more than doubled, too. And you're not on-board:

The latest Field Poll (PDF) says that by a two-to-one margin (64% to 30%) California voters want the legislature to call for another public vote on the bullet train.

Also by almost two-to-one (59% to 31%), Californians would now reject the $9 billion bond project we approved to spark this thing.

The tide is turning after it turns out the original $43 billion price tag for the train from L.A. to San Francisco has more than doubled to nearly $100 billion.

Yeah, we're getting off here.

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