Bryan Stow, a Bay Area paramedic and San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten in a horrible attack on opening day at Dodger Stadium, has a criminal record that includes convictions for assault, possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence, records sent to the Weekly appear to reveal.

Stow's family addressed the issue over the weekend, saying that “Bryan was not perfect” and adding that the incidents happened about 20 years ago.

A tipster tells the Weekly that Stow's record includes …

… an assault conviction for allegedly hitting a spouse, and a DUI conviction that involved drugs, not alcohol.

The reported convictions were out of Santa Cruz.

Stow in the '90s.; Credit:

Stow in the '90s.; Credit:

“Bryan Stow has a history of violence and drug abuse,” the tipster alleged.

His family, which recently received a donation from Barry Bonds as a part of their effort to collect money to defray Stow's medical expenses, stated this on Sunday:

… There has been comments and postings regarding Bryan's past. Bryan was not perfect…nobody is. In the 20 years since, Bryan turned his life around; became a father and settled into a career of helping people. Regardless of his history, he in NO way deserved this. His children most certainly did not deserve it.

We ask for respect for Bryan, our family and especially Bryan's children who were put in this situation without just cause and ask that everyone refrain from posting any judgemental comments.

They're right, of course. There's no indication that Stow provoked his attackers. He was simply wearing Giants garb when two cowards beat on him and ended up putting him in a coma (he came out and was transferred to a San Francisco hospital).

The dirt comes as a growing legal team has been attached to suspect Giovanni Ramirez and his family, with lawyers saying he has an alibi the day Stow was attacked:

Ramirez's 10-year-old daughter apparently says the suspect was with her at home that day.

We can assume that, as this case plays out in the media, more dirt will be thrown.


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