Bruce Springsteen is, in case you've forgotten, a Man of the People and a Working Class Hero. As such, and in spite of his well-known status as long-time millionaire and expensive stadium ticket-seller, The Boss looooooves to occasionally indulge in the personal fantasy of going back to where he started and playing a Jersey bar. You know, be one of the guys he sings about: working the factory job, telling stories about his brother in 'Nam and getting on a rickety stage with the pals to ramble on Stones covers.

Last weekend, Springsteen did just that in Jersey, getting onstage with sad-faced acolyte Alejandro Escovedo and giving “Beast of Burden” a spin. Someone got really good video of the 8 minute rendition, including a great drunken guitar solo (100% strictly bar room) that is the cherry on The Boss's bar-band fantasy.

(Of course all the anal-retentive geetar-fan-boy YouTube commenters are nitpicking Springsteen's technique. Ah, the internet…)

Watch Springsteen's craptastic “Beast of Burden” solo here (and up yours, Yngwie Malmsteen!):

LA Weekly