Check out Iris Schneider's shop-along piece in L.A. Observed. Schneider went with Bruce Lisker to a Valley Target store for some buy time. Lisker, of course, was recently released from prison after serving 26 years for killing his mother — a crime he has denied committing. (A judge declared Lisker's original trial to have been tainted and the D.A.'s officer declined to seek a new trial.) Schneider was curious how Lisker was faring as he rebuilds his life step by step, from the aisles of Target to the lines at the DMV.

The story comes with photos and observations. Schneider found the 44-year-old giddy with the choices before him and the sheer absurdity of shopping for items considered contraband behind bars.

“As we exited the Target parking lot,” Schneider writes, “something looked familiar. 'I

think this is where the Fedco used to be,' Lisker said. 'I remember

driving down this street with my Dad.' Lisker noted that much had

changed, but 'it's still my Valley.' He recalled shopping with his mom

as he passed a small line of shops that looked straight out of the


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