Judging by the soiree Brooke Shields hosted at her friend's Malibu home Wednesday evening, celebrities have a slightly different vision of Tupperware parties than most of us.

The last Tupperware party I attended was hosted by my German neighbor (her balcony is directly across from mine, so there was no escaping the 3-piece bowl sets). She had all the usual suspects available, including mini frozen quiche, vases filled with perky daisies, and a dining room table scattered with matching tops and bottoms. Thankfully, several good pilsners and doppelbocks were also on hand to make the sales pitch go down a little easier.

Shields, who was hosting the event to raise awareness of Tupperware's Chain of Confidence foundation that supports programs such as the Boys and Girls Clubs' SMART Girls, had a somewhat more lavish affair.

Tupperware centerpiece; Credit: Jenn Garbee

Tupperware centerpiece; Credit: Jenn Garbee

The party was essentially a sunset beach side wedding, complete with a gauzy white wedding tent, only with the bar strategically facing the ocean where an altar would normally be and guests buying gifts rather than giving them. Appetizers, including bite-sized panko-crusted mac n' cheese “cupcakes” from Pauline Parry , were passed–on Tupperware, naturally.

The evening remained unspoiled even by the paparazzi loitering about the beach (presumably not in attendance to order cold cut containers with matching deviled egg inserts).

But hands down most impressive were the floral arrangements by Bobbe Vagell that somehow managed to elevate leftover meatloaf tubs to, well, celebrity status.

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