Brook Taube: We Must Focus On Including Humans in the AI Loop

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Image Credit: Brook Taube

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most popular buzzwords in the worlds of business, art, and science, promising to unlock new opportunities and change life for everyone.  However, as more individuals and  companies explore the potential of AI, concerns have arisen regarding the possible human displacement it could represent in various fields. Serial entrepreneur and investor Brook Taube believes that AI will not replace humans entirely but rather make the human touch much more valuable.

“There are many people who believe that AI can replace much of the human experience, which is incorrect. Unfortunately, this has not stopped many business owners from rushing to replace workers with automated systems,” says Taube, who has actively invested in the tech industry for decades. “This is problematic not only from an anthropological point of view but also from a political and economic standpoint.”

The potential benefits of rapid AI development are well known to anyone who has heard about the technology, but so are the risks. Back in March, experts like Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak and Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque were among industry leaders calling for a pause on “giant AI experiments”. In late May, other leaders joined the push by warning that AI could represent a “risk of extinction” comparable to nuclear war and pandemics.

“The fact that some industry leaders like Altman and Hinton are now sounding the alarm after playing an integral role in the development of AI should be concerning for everyone,” adds Taube, referring to OpenAI’s CEO and Google’s former VP respectively. “I’ve said in the past that we are not ready for what is coming. Humans must retain a central role in the workforce alongside AI in all domains.”

“The problem is not the technology itself but how it is currently being used by people all over the world. People believe that AI is generally infallible and can be trusted, which is why it is being applied to areas like litigation without much thought,” explains Taube, referring to how a lawyer’s use of ChatGPT recently backfired. “Having human experts oversee AI’s work is of critical importance to ensure maximum reliability and alignment with core values.”

As with other disruptive technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain, end users generally have limited understanding of the underlying systems behind AI. According to Taube, this is where regulatory efforts should focus if governments want to make sure that AI is used responsibly and ethically. He also recommends that business owners take a step back and think before making decisions about AI, given how unexplored the technology is at this point.

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