Updated after the jump with another picture of Burdine, a video clip and messages from friends, family and co-workers. Originally posted Dec. 29 at 7:30 p.m.

R.I.P. Brigitte Burdine.

She was a legendary talent in an overwhelmingly male market, and a true entertainment-business character who helped make L.A. a leader in the new age of consumer art.

But it's an awful way for her to go: 48-year-old Burdine was run over by a dark sedan at about 1:45 a.m. this morning as she was walking home — after what police speculate to be a late-night date with her boyfriend at the Shack hamburger joint in Marina del Rey Playa del Rey.

KTLA reported her identity today, but seems to have spelled her first name wrong. However, police have confirmed to the Weekly that the woman who died is, indeed, the video-game talent Brigitte Burdine.

The accident took place at the intersection of Culver Boulevard and Pershing Drive. Burdine was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was soon declared dead as a result of severe head trauma.

Police are currently looking for suspects; all they know is that the hit-and-run vehicle should have come away with front-end damage.

Burdine was most famous for her work as a casting director on video games such as “Mortal Kombat” and “World of Warcraft.” She also served as head director for “SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs – Confrontation,” among many others. View her full IMDB resume here. Burdine's official BB Casting website includes testimonials from other top video-game directors and producers with whom she's worked.

It also appears she ran a voiceover training workshop in Marina Del Rey that just ended on Dec. 20.

Did you know Brigitte Burdine? Any idea what happened last night at the corner of Culver and Pershing? Let us know.

Update: There has been a tremendous show of love and condolences in the wake of Burdine's death two nights ago. Here, a photo posted by gaming site Kotaku:

Credit: Kotaku

Credit: Kotaku

We'll share some memories of Burdine from those who knew her best. Scroll down to read the full comment section.

Travelingtspoon says, “I met Brigitte three years ago, working on Guitar Hero, and she stood out as one of the most positive, hard working, wonderful people I have met. Working with her was fun, something you looked forward to, something that was full of laughter. I just talked to her last month, and she was a bright and bubbly as the first day I met her.”

Denise Gieser says, “I always enjoyed going into her studio to audition rather than send an MP3 because she was so awesome to be around. She was ALWAYS cheerful, smiling, positive, endearing, personable… loving.”

Micaela Stepanovich says, “Brigitte was a wonderful woman and she was always happy no matter what. She has this amazing way to always look on the bright side.”

Christian Billings says, “I knew Brigitte for about 5 years as she cast me in some of her projects and she always stuck out as vibrant, loving and real as anyone could be. Her warm exciting energy was infectious and welcomed, what an amazing woman who's heart and talent will be very missed.”

Joseph Gatt says, “We became very good friends over the years and my first memory of her is how happy and caring she was, all the time, to everyone.”

Anyone with information about the crime or suspect is urged to call LAPD investigator Martha Dominguez at (213) 473-0234.

Here's the Fox LA news segment, in which grieving friends call Burdine a mother to everyone — their “shoulder” and their “rock.”

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