Bridging the Gap: How Generative AI Startups Like Native AI Are Revolutionizing Customer Feedback

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Does it ever feel like brands aren’t really paying attention to what people are saying online? A staggering 95% of new products entering the market fail. And there’s a good reason for it.

The digital boom, fueled by social media and e-commerce, has flooded the market with a vast amount of customer feedback from countless sources. Customers are sharing their thoughts, opinions, and preferences openly online, creating a treasure trove of data. However, businesses simply don’t have the ability to digest it all. Traditional market research is too time-intensive and costly to keep up with competition.

Generative AI has already revolutionized many industries, such as healthcare and finance. In the medical field, doctors are now able to simulate almost any medical scenario to predict outcomes with remarkable accuracy. This technology is a game-changer, and now, brands and market research firms are starting to leverage this same principle to simulate real people based on real customer feedback.

If this sounds complicated, think again. No-code solutions like Native AI are making this accessible to brands and market research firms of all sizes. Rather than manually combing through each data source individually, brands can automate collection from over a hundred online sources to build continually evolving personas, which Native AI calls “Digital Twins.”

Businesses can engage with their Digital Twins by asking questions, gathering summaries, or posing hypothetical scenarios. It’s essentially like speaking to thousands of customers all at once and summarizing their responses in near-real time.

By addressing the communication gap between consumers and businesses, Native AI hopes to help brands improve sales and reduce waste. The key is to learn from today in order to predict tomorrow. Native AI empowers brands to not only understand their customers but also to anticipate market trends.

In a world where information moves at the speed of light, brands that are agile and responsive to customer feedback are poised for success. With Native AI, businesses can finally harness the power of the digital era and ensure they are truly listening to what their customers have to say.

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