This is gonna be really interesting and hopefully not a one-off: Brian Eno is returning to the stage to play three improvised pieces at the Brighton Festival 2010 in the UK.

Eno, who's one of the artistic directors of the festival and will be showing his art installations there, will perform as part of a group called This is Pure Scenius, with collaborators Karl Hyde, The Neck, Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins. The three performances are scheduled for May 9th.

The Festival site has an intriguing description of the performances:

Genius is individual, scenius is communal. Here seven individuals come together to imagine new forms of music, realised over three consecutive performances. This experiment had its only other outing last year as part of Luminous at the Sydney Opera House. In This is Pure Scenius!, Brian Eno will be joined on stage by Karl Hyde, guitarist Leo Abrahams, synthesist Jon Hopkins as well as Tony Buck, Lloyd Swanton and Chris Abrahams who comprise Australian improvisation masters, The Necks.

Each concert picks up where the preceding one left off. Starting from a predetermined sequence of events, each performance allows the development of ideas across three concerts – sometimes quite similar, sometimes worlds apart.

Like a laboratory conducting an undisclosed experiment, This is Pure Scenius! is a combustible, must-see mix of intellect, ideas and musical innovation.

Karl Hyde is the poet voice of Underworld who assimilated techno into the art-rock tradition with frantic cut-up lyrics, eccentric humour and waves of improvisation. Jon Hopkins is a musical shapeshifter, composer, pianist and self-taught studio wizard who co-produced Coldplay's Viva La Vida. Leo Abrahams was discovered by Eno and has since worked with Nick Cave and Grace Jones specialising in generating ambient sounds. Tony Buck, Lloyd Swanton and Chris Abrahams – collectively known as The Necks – are recognised as being among the world's most consistently great exponents of improvised music.

'The theatre of the music-making process was as enthralling as the music itself.'

Sydney Morning Herald

Performance 1 commences at 4pm, there is a one hour break between each performance with Performance 2 commencing at 6.30pm and Performance 3 at 9pm.

Tickets for each performance are £18, £22

There is a Limited number of tickets availble for all three performances priced at £55, these are availble to purchase by phone on 01273 709709

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