The dates are the festival official, April 25-27, but little else is.

And are there any bands from the 80s and 90s left to reunite/headline for Cocahella anyway? Apparently we're now dipping into side-project bands re-grouping as headliners, as the Breeders are being talked about to play the Polo Fields next year.

A new album, called Mountain Battles, will be out April 8, according to their MySpace page. Kim & Kelly are both in the band. And it'll be on 4AD. It's like the past dozen years never even happened.

On a vaguely related note, former Coachella-reuniters Bauhaus (class of '05) completed a new album, called Going Away White only to announce a split almost immediately. The album will see the light of night March 4th. The three members of the band who aren't Peter Murphy are on the line-up for the Joe Strummer Tribute show at the Key Club Dec. 22. So watch this space for the “Love & Rockets Reunite at Coachella” news in the coming months.

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