Kotaku today reported that the manufacturer of Scrabble has allowed a major rule change for the new edition of the game: it will allow proper nouns.

We got all excited at the prospect of racking up the points with formerly verboten words like Xasthur, Dethklok, Bathory, Vikernes, Barathrum, Mxyzptlk (not really a black metal band, but it should be), and countless other consonant-heavy combinations evoking the rank stench of hard-to-read calligraphy (Also, Ziggy and Zappa = now kosher).

But then Kotaku had to ruin it for everyone and actually fact-check their item with US manufacturer Hasbro, who quickly pointed out that the new rule allowing proper nouns was only for the UK (where Mattel owns the popular board game), and only for a special edition called “Scrabble Trickster.”

We're waiting for a hot black market of Scrabble Trickster imports to develop in America in no time.

Here's some vintage Xasthur to mollify your dissapointment:

LA Weekly