It's 9 p.m., March 5, and here's a banner from near the top of the L.A. Daily News'' Web site:

When you click on it, the link brings you to an updated page from the next day, Wednesday, March 4, 11:23 a.m. This contains some important stories for today — March 5. Such as a reader poll asking if Manny Ramirez is more important to Los Angeles than its mayor. (What's next — Who's Stronger: Frankenstein or the Wolf Man?)

But sprinkled throughout the screen are oddly stale headline links:

5 Challengers Vie for Mayor's Seat

Solar Power Falls Behind

Greuel Pulling Ahead of Field

Then things just get completely wacked-out, as though an overworked editor slumped forward while sitting in a time machine, throwing its lever in reverse and the site's links back to the 2008 campaign season:

Fifth Grade's surrogates for McCain, Obama eager for the ballot counting

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president

No on Proposition 8: Same-sex marriage ban

But that's the great thing about the Internet — you can visit the past with the speed of the future.

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