The Scenestar reports that South African hip-hop internet sensation Die Antwoord (The Answer) has been added to the Coachella lineup.

Most of you are squealing like little inbred albino girls in excitement. Many of you are sporting huge boners within your Dark Side of the Moon boxer shorts. And a couple of you still need to be told Die Antwoord is the most unique force to hit Internet meme culture hip hop in the last year.

How else to describe Die Antwoord's formula? Combine South Africa's answer to Kid Rock, except more ridiculously tattooed and possibly much more megalomaniacal, with a Village of the Damned-looking little girl who looks like a 12-year-old with big knockers, plus assorted carnival freaks and human oddities. Also, write some songs that make little sense (memo to Die Antwoord: ninjas and samurais are different creatures), but have a solid Eurotrash big beat. Go viral.

It's awesome. Coachella just got so much better.


This is the video that started it all, interview + Pink Floyd underwear and all:

LA Weekly