BreadBar is at it yet again. First came the café's recurring guest chef Hatchi series. Then it introduced its guest bartender Hatchi Mix series. Now, BreadBar is bringing us the Yatai Ramen series, focusing entirely on the eponymous Japanese soup. For its first installation, chefs Kazuo Shimamura and Noriyuki Sugie of Ironnori Concepts will be cooking up both traditional and more creative ramen at BreadBar's Third street location from June 8th to July 24th.

Shimamura and Sugie's Yatai Ramen menu is priced at $10-$18/dish, $8/side and $4/drink and is meant to represent traditional street fare sold at Japanese yatai — shop stands — to salarymen coming home from work. The menu includes classic ramen soups such as marine poached egg, Kurobuta pork belly, kikurage (mushrooms), and Tokyo negi (Japanese leeks) as well as contemporary versions like oxtail ramen with truffle oil and foie gras ramen with consommé and chives. Other than ramen, sides including pig feet and vegetarian kale gyoza and traditional drinks like coconut boba will also be on the menu.

Yatai Ramen at BreadBar: 8718 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, (310) 205-0124. The series begins Tuesday, June 8th and runs every Monday to Saturday until Saturday, June 24th, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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