Brands are Surpassing their Paid Media Goals Thanks to Kelly Rocklein’s UGC Ads & Creative Strategy

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We are no longer in the era of traditional digital marketing. With growing social media influence thanks to platforms like TikTok, online ads need to feel native to the platform they’re being launched on while still leveraging tried and true industry best practices. In this regard, User Generated Content (UGC) holds incredible value – marketing a product in a similar format to what a TikTok product review posted by a friend would look like can lead to a very profitable outcome.

If you’re a brand that still needs to dip its toes into this paid media strategy, how and where do you start? The answer lies in finding a skillful creator who can coach other creators and marketers on the intricate world of direct response-driven UGC. Kelly Rocklein is among the top choices when sourcing a credible UGC creator from both the brand and creator sides. Rocklein is a self-taught UGC creator turned coach who started mastering the art of UGC in its infancy, dating back to as early as 2014. She is entirely self-taught and has worked with hundreds of brands as a creative strategist and direct-response video editor. When UGC first went viral online in the spring of 2022, Kelly quickly became a UGC coach by demand, as she is one of the most experienced and qualified creators in the current market, as testified by her experience, accomplishments, and skillsets.

Rocklein shares various tips and tools, both free and paid, to guide new and advanced UGC creators on her TikTok account, UGC Social (50,000+ followers and counting). She’s dedicated this account to sharing everything she’s learned along her UGC and creative contractor journey, as well as her experience as a self-taught professional marketer and how she was able to break into the corporate side of the industry without a traditional education. She clarifies that she is a proud college dropout who grew up low-income in a single-parent household and worked tirelessly to find a backdoor into the very competitive industry known as digital marketing.

The techniques she shares publicly online rely on authenticity, psychology, creativity, and strategy. Rocklein stays current on the latest social media trends and knows how to leverage each individual platform, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, to her advantage, making her one of the most valuable UGC creators and coaches currently available. More recently, Rocklein launched the first-of-its-kind UGC Community dedicated to educating new and advanced UGC creators in creative strategy, direct response video editing, and paid media. She has coined this growing community as an alternative to college and is already pushing 400 students and counting in less than one-month post-launch!

Check out the UGC Social StanStore to access other must-have resources, and if you’d like to stay connected with Kelly, she’s active on her personal Instagram, UGC Social YouTube channel, and LinkedIn.

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