For over four years now, every week I spend far more time than I’d care to plodding through the Internet in search of I have no idea what until I find it. Each search has its own personality, its own context-sensitive pointlessness. But through it all, one thing remains a constant: Every week, at some point, I remark, “Fuck GeoCities” — anywhere from sotto voce to mezzo forte — after stumbling onto any GeoCities member site and being confronted by their notorious jumping watermark (which will be changing to a different, pre-notoriously annoying jumping watermark as this issue of the GeoCities Weekly goes to press).

Waiter?!? There’s a Watermark in my Soup! (https://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/7354/) contains some fine young analogs of GeoCities’ doings, as well as some lovely li’l GIFs of artwork censored by the cursed watermark. Recommended: detail from Picasso’s GeoCities Guernica.

P.J.’s Waterstained Disaster Area (https://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/4163/) contains links to P.J.’s seminal essays, “My Thoughts on the Watermark,” “My Thoughts on the Watermark, Part II” and “The Anti-Watermark Movement.” Essential GeoCities reading.

Several former and present GeoCities dwellers have formed The GeoCities No Watermark Web Ring (https://members.xoom.com/ozzmosis/watermark/). Register here to place a li’l anti-GeoCities ad on your site, thus informing all who pass of your position and postponing us all from wearing GeoCities armbands.

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