Now that we're down to the last 10 days of the Berman/Sherman blood feud, things are getting pretty silly.

First, the Howard Berman camp was high-fiving about Brad Sherman's photoshopped mailers. Sherman sent mailers to Jewish households that included a picture of his mother. But she was airbrushed out of the ones that went to the goyim. Everyone had a good laugh at Sherman's expense.

Now, Sherman is accusing the Berman camp of stealing his lawn signs. OK, typical campaign sniping. But Sherman claims he has the photos to prove it.

Take a look. At right is a photo of some Berman precinct-walkers in possession of some folded-up Sherman signs.

The photo was taken on May 13 by a Sherman supporter who saw the Berman crew hanging out at a Starbucks in West Hills.

“What were they doing with Sherman yard signs?” asks John Schwada, a Sherman spokesman. “Very suspicious. And it

comes at a time when the Sherman campaign has received numerous

complaints from supporters that their yard signs have mysteriously


Berman adviser Brandon Hall countered that the Berman supporters were simply cleaning the neighborhood of some unwanted litter: “Fed up with Sherman's negative campaigning, many (voters) have asked us to remove his signs that were placed in their yards without permission; we're happy to do so.”

Hall called the sign-stealing accusation another Sherman “gimmick.”

“Without a record to run on, all Brad Sherman can do is doctor photos, complain about yard signs, and crash our press conferences,” Hall said.

Only 10 days to go! And then we do it all again in November!

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