Boycotts and Blacklists

My letter is in reference to the article “The
New Blacklist
” by Doug Ireland [June 10-16]. I want to thank L.A. Weekly
for this excellent piece regarding the Christian right and the ensuing boycotts
being conducted across the country. Corporations must stop kowtowing
to these boycotts or the mere threat of one! Doug Ireland is an insightful and
intelligent writer, and this is a tremendously well-written article.

—Linda Jean Edwards

Doug Ireland's article “The
New Blacklist
” on boycotts by conservative groups against companies supporting
gay organizations was a good example of forgotten history and drama, but not
of accurate reporting.

Ireland throws every example out there of threats from conservative
organizations, equates them with both communism and fascism, and ends with how
the poor gay groups can'possibly compete. This makes for a good Star Wars
script, but it's not the truth.

Mr. Ireland forgets how gay groups called for boycotts against
sponsors of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television show, only to force it off
the air. The protests against Dr. Laura were based on statements taken out of
context (see Tammy Bruce's book The New Thought Police to learn about this).

Truth undermines Mr. Ireland's good story. Next time, don't
go back 50 years; just research the past decade.

—Mitch Williams
Redondo Beach

I think Doug Ireland's article gives too much credit (if that's
the word) to Don Wildmon and his band of lunatics. It may be true that Procter
& Gamble backed down on some ads because of their pressure. However, during
the recently completed “Upfronts,” P&G made it clear to advertisers
that they were interested in moving their TV dollars to other methods of exposure,
such as product placement.

Let's give credit to the so-called “free market” and greed,

—James Morgan

Going Nuclear

Amen to Marc Cooper for the May 26 article “Back
From the Fallout Shelter
.” When the so-called nuclear option was defused
by the tyranny of the 14, I waited for the outrage. In column after column,
journalists and pundits talked about the victory for Democrats, how they had
made the Republicans blink. What have Democrats gained? The almost guaranteed
confirmation of the three most egregious (IMHO) nominees, with warnings not
to use the filibuster again. And the Republicans have given up . . . nothing.
Frankly, I would rather the Democrats had stood their ground and forced the
Republican hand. Thank you for having the courage to state the obvious.

—Eileen McCabe-Olse
West Jordan, Utah

Zoo Story

Regarding the article about Chris DeRose [24/Seven, “An
Elephant Man
,” May 19-25], I agree with Mr. DeRose's actions to try to bring
attention to the plight of animals in zoos. Animals are often taken out of their
native habitats, brought to the U.S., caged, and treated as “objects” for entertainment.

Many zoos claim to employ only top professionals to administer
to the animals' daily care. If these professionals really did care for and
these animals, the animals would still be in their native settings.

Mr. DeRose has shown courage and determination to end animal suffering.
We all should applaud him and support him.

—D.J. Heywood
St Louis, Missouri

They Had Her Covered

In his piece on early-'70s folk singer Judee Sill (“Heart
,” May 27-June 2), writer Greg Burk gives the impression that Warren
Zevon was the only artist who covered the Sill tune “Jesus Was a Crossmaker.”
Not so. The Hollies did a superb version of it on their Romany LP. And
the Turtles covered her lovely “Lady-O.” Both of these renditions were considered
good enough by their respective record companies to be released as singles.
Just thought I'd mention them.

—Fred Cooper
Los Angeles

FAANtastic News . . .

Last Friday, the Association of Alternative Newspapers hosted
its annual awards ceremony, and L.A. Weekly carried off more first-place
awards than any other AAN publication. The following stories and special features
took first place in these categories: The Best of L.A. issue (Special Section);
the “Kids Rock” issue (Editorial Layout; designers John Curry and Ryan Ward
and illustrator Cole Gerst); Format Buster (“The Zeitlist,” edited by Tom Christie);
and Food Writing (Jonathan Gold). Second-place honors went to John Powers for
Arts Criticism, Bruce Eric Kaplan for Cartoon, and photographer Teun Voeten
for Photography. Third place went to Celeste Fremon (Feature Story), Marc Cooper
(Media Reporting) and Alec Hanley Bemis (Music Criticism). Finally, writer Brendan
Bernhard received Honorable Mention for Arts Criticism.

LA Weekly