Anthony Bourdain was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his new book Medium Raw (the true follow-up to Kitchen Confidential), and was asked about a new graphic novel he is working on. Bourdain responded, of course, as only he could.

“We're working on a ultra-violent food-based sort of graphic novel for Vertigo, about homicidal food nerds slaughtering each other over culinary arcania.”

Bourdain admitted to being a big collector of comics as a kid, prompting Fallon to ask “Do you still have your collection?” Bourdain's answer was not a surprise to those familiar with his books. “Boy, it all comes back to drugs, doesn't it? I sold them at a low point in the 80s. God, I really regret that decade, let me tell you.”

The graphic novel, which he is working on with novelist Joel Rose for DC Comics/Vertigo, will be titled Get Jiro!

LA Weekly