Dear Mr. Gold:

I recently saw Fargo and was inspired to wonder whether there was a “pancakes house” in Los Angeles that also has a full bar. Or, rather, vice versa — a bar that has pancakes and/or other breakfast delights (served all day, of course). Any tips?

—Megan, Van Nuys

Dear Megan:

Pancakes and cocktails are not necessarily antithetical concepts, of course. A lot of faded coffee shops — I’m thinking specifically of Conrad’s Restaurant in Pasadena — have attached lounges, and will bring drinks to your table in the morning if that’s what you want. Canter’s too, I think. BLD has both rather spectacular pancakes in the mornings and a liquor license, although I always think of the place as a wine bar. But when the subject of cocktails and pancakes comes up, as it does sooner or later, the discussion always comes around to the Musso & Frank Grill, because the flannel cakes — glossy, ultrathin jobs that to me always taste a little like fortune cookies — share pride of place with what some people consider the best old-line cocktail bar in town, a bar that will never acknowledge the existence of a chocolatini but will whip up a world-class Sazerac or Ramos fizz when the occasion demands it. The flannel cakes are served only until 3 p.m., but surely that is late enough even for those of us who rise bleary-eyed at the crack of noon. 6667 Hollywood Blvd., Hlywd., (323) 467-7788.

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