A few months ago, the Wu-Tang's RZA unveiled a limited-edition piece of art billed as his “self-portrait”–a large image of himself as George Washington crossing the Delaware.

The artwork was conceptualized by the RZA aided by Scene Four, a Los Angeles group specializing on linking cult musicians, artists, and technicians.

Now Scene Four is back with another high-profile collaboration: a Bootsy Collins self-portrait officially unveiled today: Eye-Funk, “his translation of funk into a visual art image.”

Check it out:

The Godfather of Shizzle: Bootsy Collins "self-portrait"; Credit: bootsycollinsart.com

The Godfather of Shizzle: Bootsy Collins “self-portrait”; Credit: bootsycollinsart.com

Here's how the creators describe the creative process for these artifacts

Eye-Funk is the result of a lengthy process involving photography, greenscreen, found images and archived elements, undertaken with the aim of isolating and visually replicating what's going on in his imagination. Every piece in this limited-edition line of 300 is a one-of-a-kind collectible, each bearing a unique funk mantra created and applied to the canvas by Bootsy himself. Each piece is numbered and signed, with his handprints added in acrylic paint. Each piece features a number of hidden elements for its owner to discover. 250 of the 300 measure 40″ x 30″, while the remaining 50 weigh in at a whopping 80″ x 60″. Bootsy's “Golden Ticket” opportunity treated signees to the early interest list to an advance peek of the piece, but Eye-Funk is now available for all to view and purchase at www.bootsycollinsart.com

Another view:

More Bootsy art; Credit: bootsycollinsart.com

More Bootsy art; Credit: bootsycollinsart.com

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