Here's a benefit that sounds worth getting a pet sitter for: To raise money for rescued farm animals, Animal Acres 2010 Gala kicks off with a “Cowtail Party,” followed by a veggie dinner, awards and such, plus entertainment emcee/comedy legend Elayne Boosler (pictured), honorary chair Bill Maher, music by Social Distortion and JP, Chrissie and Fairground Boys, which just happens to be Chrissie Hynde's new band. Says Boosler, who runs her own rescue organization called Tails of Joy, “I love all animals. Pigs are smarter than dogs, and both are smarter than Congress. I guess in general, people tend to not eat the cute animals. So my Tails of Joy has a program where we're teaching chickens to rest their heads on people's knees and gaze up. Turkeys know their names, come when you call, and are totally affectionate. They're better than teenagers. I just love all animals and, though saving a few from being eaten is only a small step, when people visit Animal Acre's Farm Sanctuary and get to know the residents they may think twice about biting into a dog, I mean, a cow. We have wild animals in zoos, yet people rarely meet their 'food' face to face. They should see the soul in these animals, so they can decide if they really want to eat these lovely boys and girls. And meeting them at the very least puts one on the path to advocating for and supporting humane legislation in the meat/dairy industry.” Thanks, Elayne!

Sat., Sept. 11, 5-11 p.m., 2010

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