Boos Philly Cheesesteaks: Cheesesteak with Wiz

Of all the regional American sandwich specialties, an authentic Philly cheesesteak may be the hardest to find in Los Angeles. Boos Philly Cheesesteaks is one of the few sub shops where sriracha is offered as a condiment — a happy California touch, to be sure — but everywhere else, Boos is righteously traditional.

The bread? Soft, fluffy rolls shipped from Philadelphia mainstay Amoroso's. The meat? Peppery, salty slices of Dietz & Watson beef. The cheese? Whiz, of course, oozing in molten perfection from between the thin curling tongues of grilled meat and onions.

Located at Fountain and Virgil in a peaked-roof building once occupied by a Thai restaurant, Boos opened quietly just after Thanksgiving. Named after the grandmother of the family that owns the restaurant — they're from Philly — Boos has everything in check.

The basic cheesesteak costs $7.95 and comes with meat, onions and cheese. The best choice, some would argue the only appropriate choice, is Cheez Whiz, but Boos remains agnostic on the subject, offering Provolone and American as alternatives. There are more elaborate variations made with grilled peppers, mushrooms and even pizza sauce. The cheesesteak hoagie adds lettuce, tomato and mayo, which provides a break from the unrelenting meaty-cheesy-melty mien of the classic cheesesteak. In this matter, we're purists: We need nothing but meat, bread and Whiz.

The sandwiches are large enough to feed one normal, non-gluttonous person or two people if they choose to indulge in moderation. (People who want to eat healthy should definitely hang around a cheesesteak shack.)

For dessert, there are Butterscotch Krimpets, Koffee Kakes and all manner of Tastykakes. Combined with the delicious, traditional cheesesteaks at Boos, it should make East Coast transplants tremble with excitement.

Boos Philly Cheesesteaks: Tastykake Buttterscotch Krimpets

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