With Alabama project BoomBox, main man Zion Godchaux blends house and disco with psychedelic rock. He wants to play, he says, anything that you might hear blasting out of a boombox, and that's exactly what the duo (completed by DJ Harry following the departure of Russ Randolph in 2017) have been doing since first emerging in 2004. BoomBox play the Teragram on Wednesday, Jan. 2, so we chatted with Godchaux about it all.

L.A. WEEKLY: How do you think the BoomBox sound has evolved since you first emerged in 2004?
ZION GODCHAUX: I've always just tried to find the right melody for the right beat, which usually leads to the right feel. So for me, evolving means getting better at that, which I can only hope that I have over time.

Do you have any fond memories from previous L.A. gigs?
Like the time a 70-year-old man wearing roller skates got up onstage and did the splits wearing nothing but a diaper?

What is your favorite activity during downtime on tour?
I like to hang out with my boys. We’re always getting into something. In the summer we wake surf a lot. I grew up skateboarding and surfing, so that will always be a big part of my life on some level. I have this thing called a Onewheel. It’s a ridiculously fun electric skateboard type thing that I can’t even get started talking about.

What can we expect from this L.A. set?
An opportunity to get down. As far as material goes, we play a bit of everything. We play some of our older stuff as well as tracks off of our latest record, Western Voodoo. And there’s some new stuff beyond that we’ll be playing.

What's next for BoomBox in 2019?
There’s some tracks I have that I’d like to release as singles next year. And hopefully play some shows in Central and South America.

BoomBox play at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 2, at the Teragram Ballroom.

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