Boombox Cartel Doesn’t Fear the Reaper: Wonderfully named L.A. DJ Boombox Cartel, aka producer Americo Garcia, started DJing and producing after being in bands through high school.

“It really started getting serious for me when I went to music school in Minneapolis, which is where Boombox Cartel started in 2012,” he says. “After a few remixes took off on Soundcloud, that’s when I knew this would be something worth pursuing!”

Boombox Cartel admits that the sound takes inspiration from a variety of electronic places, including EDM and trap. Despite the pandemic, he considers this an exciting time for electronic music in the States.

“So many cool artists putting out fresh new music and sounds and it keeps me excited for the future,” he says. “The pandemic has taken a huge hit on the music scene in general. 90% of the scene’s soul is live music and we’re missing out on that right now. I’m really hopeful for this Summer to pick up where we left off.”

New single “Reaper” sees Boombox Cartel join forces with Atlanta rapper J.I.D.

“‘Reaper’ was an instrumental that I’ve had for the longest time that I would only play out at shows,” he says. “The energy of the crowd would multiply every time I played it out. I loved how it sounded, but always knew it needed something more, but to find a vocalist with the right energy was going to be tough. After a few years of trying out different ideas, J.I.D. sent me the verse of a lifetime and I knew it was the perfect fit.”

Looking ahead, Boombox Cartel will be releasing new music and hoping to tour.

“Also got some other exciting things coming up but can’t talk about them quite yet,” he says.

How intriguing!

Boombox Cartel Doesn’t Fear the Reaper: The “Reaper” single is out now.

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