Bon Appétit magazine has come up with the foodie answer to the weekend music festival: a monster three-day tour of restaurants, bars and music venues it's calling the “Grub Crawl.” It's debuting in three cities this summer: Brooklyn (natch), New Orleans and, to our pleasant surprise, Los Angeles.

The paragraph detailing the Los Angeles tour, which takes place July 13-15, starts off with one of those classic backhanded compliments: “The City of Angels is swiftly emerging as more than just a sanctuary for celebrities.” Right. Thanks.

The magazine goes on to promise an interactive food tour that takes place “at the intersection of fame, fortune and flavor,” and stresses that attendees will “get [their] hands dirty, roll up [their] sleeves and go behind the scenes of the kitchen.” (Hopefully not too much, you don't want to be paying to cook your own meals.)

But snarkiness aside, we have to admit the lineup as laid out is pretty sweet:

Day 1 focuses on DTLA, hitting up Cole's (and possibly the Varnish), Umamicatessen, Las Perlas and Seven Grand, for what will likely be a booze-filled evening.

Day 2 shifts to Hollywood and West Hollywood, for pizza at Mozza, Champagne cocktails at Pour Vous, and visits to Street, the Spare Room and Ray's and Stark Bar. The night also includes a secret guest show at the Roxy.

Day 3 hits up Venice and Culver City with visits to Father's Office, Sunny Spot, Gjelina, Picca and Lukshon.

Tickets for each day range from $150-$200; a weekend pass will cost you $550. Could you visit all these places on your own and spend less? Probably, but we'd imagine that the demographic for this event is probably for those hurried go-getters who want to hit up the city's hip places in one hangover-saturated weekend while hobnobbing with our awesome local food people, such as Sang Yoon, Susan Feniger, Roy Choi, Matt Molina, and Steve Livigni. But unless you're attracted to the idea of being a tourist in your own town (we admit we once bought a star map), you might be better off grub-crawling your way through a less familiar city.

LA Weekly