Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got all misty-eyed this afternoon about another project he didn't really have anything to do with, but is feeling profound about anyway: a “historic cooperation pact” between Bollywood and Hollywood.

“This declaration reinforces our city's commitment to attracting international production,'' said Villaraigosa at the pact-signing ceremony between Hindi and Hollywood film officials.

Wait, so… What happened, exactly? Commitment was declared? This sounds serious.

“The main thing it's going to do is increase communication,” said Craig Hoffman of the Motion Picture Association of America in Los Angeles. He also mentioned a series of meetings that would take place.

Gotta love meetings.

Even more theoretical: Both parties agreed they “support the creation of the Los Angeles-India Film Council to increase Indian film production in Los Angeles.”

Sweet. Another council. And it's not even created — just agreed to be supported. High-fives all around!

“Our vibrant communities share many of the same goals and concerns,'' MPAA CEO Bob Pisano said at the event. “The numerous co-productions with Indian studios over the past several years are evidence of a growing bond between our two industries. Today's action is an important step toward furthering that growth.”

Would you really call what you did today “action,” Bob?

According to the press release, India already shot the following films in L.A.: “Kites” (2010), “My Name is Khan” (2010), “Kambakkht Ishq” (2009), “Kaante” (2002) and “Pardes” (1997).

We do hope the circle jerk does turn into some more real-live moviemaking soon, because Hollywood could really use what Bollywood's got. We're tired of that Kumar dude playing the token Indian in every big-budget film. And can we get more Aishwara Rai please? Even if it means another helping of “Bride and Prejudice.”

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