Bold Men’s Style Secrets from Patrick Ductant, President of Billionaires Row

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Patrick Ductant, President and Co-Founder of globally recognized brand and spirit line Billionaires Row exudes confidence, luxury, and leadership.

His Rosé Champagne and Cognac XO has quickly become the only African American-owned champagne company acknowledged in both the U.S. and France, after Jay-Z sold 50% of Ace of Spades, and this is just the beginning for the luxury brand.

With partnerships and associations with Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Triller, The Grammys, and Hard Rock Entertainment, Ductant’s energy and acumen attracts only the best and brightest in the industry.

Not only has he forged massive achievements for his brand, Ductant emanates the elegant style of success – he is bold, chic, and unapologetically original. So how can the rest of us learn how to dress like a Billionaires Row maverick? Ductant spills his style secrets.

1. Indulge in luxe basics

An elevated wardrobe isn’t so much about owning hundreds of designer items. Chic fashion sense involves investing in higher quality basics that will last longer, bring confidence and comfort, and elevate even a basic ensemble.

“It’s like indulging in a top shelf spirit,” Ductant shares. “With high quality pieces, you need fewer ingredients for a winning outfit.”

So what kind of key garments should you look for?

High-quality fabrics and great construction are key. Look out for a high content of natural fibers, substantial thickness of material, workmanship, and the quality of details like lining, zippers and buttons of a garment. (Avoid synthetics at all costs!)

With the finest materials, a crisp white button down, tailored jeans, athleisure peacoat, or even a perfectly fitted black tee become opulent.

“I dress for comfort, and always keep versatile pieces on hand so I’m ready for any occasion. A sharp, tailored suit, a quality piece of outerwear, and a breathable button-down are essentials for me.” Keep these suave basics on hand to always feel timeless, classy and cool.

Screenshot 2022 12 12 at 10.29.36 AM 2. Make it your own

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to make it your own. Get comfortable with the signature pieces that are identifiable as your own unique style perspective.

Ductant is often seen in a signature backwards cap, paired with dapper accessories like a diamond studded watch, chain, or pinky ring.

“I like to add edgy, avant garde pieces to elevate a casual look. I’m from Miami, so I get inspiration from athletic, street style. I might add on a bright statement sneaker, ripped jeans, or a zipped-down jacket or puff vest from one of my favorite designers to enhance a look.”

Other items you might see in Ductant’s effortless style are an open shirt revealing his signature tattoos, a sumptuous neutral blazer or leather jacket, a chic turtleneck, or a dapper pair of shades, often seen on the executive.

3. Get inspired by the legends

It’s always important to know your style foundations, and look to fashion legends for added inspiration. By infusing your wardrobe with the perspectives of designer icons, you’ll always be one step ahead of the trends.

“I was always into fashion. Some of my favorite designers are Saint Laurent, Balmain, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Dior Homme.”

The mixture of these foundations – the chic elegance of Saint Laurent, the subversion of McQueen, the fresh, impeccable tailoring of Balmain, and the modern minimalism of Balenciaga are all perceptible in Ductant’s style.

Digging through runways and tracking designers you love can elevate your style and urge you to think outside the box, creating unique and unforgettable new looks.

4. Take risks for maximum impact

Billionaires Row was built on taking risks for big rewards. That requires “outside-the-box” thinking – like bringing premium water onto the market (Ductant’s newest successful premium product.)

“I personally believe fashion has to be worn with confidence in oneself, not following the trends, but anticipating and leading them.”

It’s not a surprise that another style icon for Ductant is A$AP Rocky – whose personal stylist Matthew Henson is a family friend of the Ductants. A$AP Rocky, Hip Hop royalty and one of the music industry’s unequivocally best dressed, is unafraid to take risks and set the bar in fashion. Hats, jewelry, matching garments– nothing is off the table for Rocky.

We also recommend experimenting with color and knowing your own color palette. “Midnight black, crisp whites, and neutrals are essential – but adding a punch of orange, rose pink or lime green can take an outfit over the edge.”

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5. Belief in self is King

Confidence is always the number one fashion accessory – but how can you cultivate that? Ductant, a self-made entrepreneur and executive, knows struggle and remembers the hard lessons he learned as a kid.

“I’ve always had that tough understanding that God can give anything and God can take it away. Now I know not to question God’s plan, and to never question my purpose.”

The confidence every man needs isn’t something that can be thrown on haphazardly like a pair of sunglasses. That deep self belief is cultivated within, and nurtured every day. It’s a key component to the bold style we see in Ductant, and it’s a winning look.

Billionaires Row luxury products are available at and major retailers worldwide.

Below, more of Ductant’s best looks to date.

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